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The study of organism and environment is referred to as Ecology. In Ecology you will study about how various organisms interact with the environment and also with each other. Ecology also includes Biology, Earth Science and Geography within its scope. It is also regarded as a branch of Science that deals with the ecosystem, population, biosphere and the community.

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Scope of Ecology

Ecologists research on everything starting from the role of a tiny bacterium in recycling of nutrients to the effect that tropical rainforest has on atmosphere of the earth. This theory originated in the 19th century and it is greatly influenced by natural sciences.

By studying Ecology you get to know important details about distribution and abundance of organisms, movement of energy as well as materials through various communities of living organisms, different adaptation processes and development of a successful ecosystem.

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Types of Ecology

In order to get a proper understanding of Ecology, knowing about its different types is immensely important. If you go through the discussion given below then you will be able to understand Ecology types much better:

  • Urban Ecology

This type mainly focuses on life that is there within the urban setting. Both human ecology as well as conservation is included within this type. Urban Ecology helps you to understand effect of human life on a particular area. You also get to know about how various available resources are used by cities as well as urban areas and you also come to know about the entire process of growth and decay within this environment.

  • Conservation Ecology

Here you get a proper understanding of natural world and how it exists with or without interference of human beings. These ecologies have restricted entrance because these areas are conversation environment.

  • Human Ecology

Human Ecology have a number of facets and it chiefly focuses on consumption of resources, population and mortality and efforts of conservation. Here you also get to know about how human beings have an effect on the life of both animals as well as plants. In this subject students also study about the impact that human beings have on the ocean, space and atmosphere.

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