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Ecological energetic is the energy that flows among the different organism. We all the living things get energy from the sun. The Sun radiates light energy, this light energy absorbed by different living and nonliving things on the earth. Plants use this energy for making theirfood and get calories.  Other things absorbed light energy and get heated, thus light energy transfer to heat energy. If you thing it is really troublesome to correlate biology with physics then please get in touch with for its ecological energetics homework help.

Food chain

In environmental science, there is a term called food chain.Food chain depicts the process of how one living organism becomes the food of another and how this prey predator relationship keeps going on in this nature. It forms a chain system. A good example of a simple food chain can be: Grass Þ Goat Þ Tiger

Every food chain begins with the producers or plants. The energy is transferred from them to other members of the chain through eating and being eaten.But in each step the net energy content gets reduced by some percentage. This loss of energy makes the top most member of a food chain receive the leastenergy. This phenomenon is represented graphically in form of a pyramid, popularly known as a ‘food pyramid’ or ‘energy pyramid’. Drawing a properly scaled energy pyramid is a usual question in assignments and not at all easy. Take ecological energetics assignment help from us. We provide solutions to such graphical problems too.

This is an era of environmental renaissance. Every person from scientists to environmentalists is speaking about conserving energy and saving our planet. Hence, sources of energies, how they are produced, what can be their side effects on nature, what are the alternative energy sources, etc. are usual questions raised everywhere including assignment papers. Proper answers and explanations to all these questions is not a matter of joke as there is often good amount of physics and chemistry involved in them. But you do not have to sit down with piles off physical science books for this. Our ecological energetics homework help is there to relieve you of those troubles.

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