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What is an Earthquake?
An earthquake is a sudden violent tremor in the ground which is caused by a fault or fracture deep in the crust of the earth. Earthquakes are often occurred when two tectonic plates crush against each other. Earthquakes are a great threat to life and the nature as it causes grave amount of damage. Earthquakes are powerful enough to give rise to cliffs or even mountains as they can alter the earth’s surface. Now earthquakes are a quite dangerous phenomenon but they can also trigger other disasters such as landslides, fires, avalanches and even tsunamis if it takes place on the ocean floor.

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How can one measure Earthquakes?
Though earthquakes cannot be accurately detected, people do have ways to warn others if a tremor of an earthquake is felt in a particular area. Vibrations felt in the earth can recorded on very sensitive objects called seismographs. The Richter scale was later invented by seismologists, which can accurately record the intensity of earthquakes. The most powerful earthquake took place in Columbia on January 31, 1906 which was recorded as 8.9 on the Richter scale. People should be aware of disaster management in order to take care of themselves and others when danger knocks on the door.

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