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E-Books or Paperback? Which One Should Your Child Prefer?

by Oct 29, 2016Assignment Help

From last couples of years, we have seen the use of advancement in technology in every field of human operation. Whether it is education or business, advance technology has taken part in making the things easy and fast. Considering these changes, projectors and digital boards are utilized in schools to teach students.
Here it is important how students are able to take the benefit of these facilities. If we consider the way of learning, then it has also been evolved, and students are seen practicing their studies through e-books. Whether this way of learning effective or not? How students gain knowledge from e-books? These are some questions that always worry their parents in this digital era.
In this context, it has been surveyed by the educational experts to find out whether e-books are really better and convenient than apaperback. If yes, then how.
E-books or Paperback Survey:
The recent survey had just been conducted a few months ago. It has been found that students are mostly focused on using the internet and doing different operations. According to the report, more than 95% of the high school students from all over the world are using phones, and about 80% of them have smartphones.
Neglecting the fact of the paperback, it has been found that around 55% of these smartphone users prefer e-books and read them. Whereas these all students are focused on social media sites like Facebook and Whatsapp to have a close contact with their friends.
The report also suggests that due to the utilization of smartphone for more than 2 – 3 hours continuously, it affects the human operating system. Those students who keep their focus on asmartphone for long hours have the tendency to lose their visible clarity to change in lower eye-sightedness.
What exactly is the proof that smartphones can harm students? This is the question arises all over the world, and students are found searching this type of questions online. And at present, they can get the exact explanations how and why these problems would arise. In addition, you can also check how to stay away and protect yourself from such problems.
Certain reports have reported that students who read e-books do more scanning for information rather than reading the whole content. The paperback readers are found reading much better and in an effective way that is helpful to remember the fact to prove their understanding.
Parents and Teachers Role:
To make students ready for their exams doing theeffective amount of study, parents and teachers play a vital role. In this technological era, no one can live without the use of technology. In one way or another, we all are dependent on technology. Considering the fact, it has been wellsaid,
“If you overuse your dresses, you are not able to go out wearing the same dress again.”
It is obvious that e-books have certain advantages, but if students do not follow the process, then it will definitely be going to harm them.
If parents look after their children in their growing age, then they can develop their brain to understand different things. If someone loses the focus, then parents and teachers can motivate them to bring back on track.
Earlier, it has been seen that students carry a number of physical books to the school and have to manage their studies through this only. Still, you can see some students who definitely practice the same to make their stand.
If students read e-books, then they are getting different information on the same topic from various sources. This enriches their knowledge. To avoid the harmful effect of continuous use of e-books, students should practice online and make their own notes.
This will not only help them in practicing what they read, but it also improves their capability to understand different topics with less amount of effort.
Students should use e-books to balance their life and stay away from fewer grades. This suggests that those students who have wonderful reading experience can utilize e-books to get theextra knowledge to improve their performance in exams.
If a slow learner looks for additional information, then it is much better to use e-books. This is because you can reach to the particular information within less time than the time required in paperback searching.
Which one to prefer?
Different parents from all over the world are finding solutions how to develop true values of education in their kids. Some of the parents become successful, but there are several who are still searching for the same.
If considering the fact which to prefer, then you should know a few thing first. Statistical reports show that about 39% of total users prefer digital e-books while around 28% prefer to read the printed text. It has been expected to get doubled or more in the next two years.
In my opinion, I would like to recommend that teachers should teach students how to utilize the technology in an effective manner. You have to take steps and channelize the brain of students to build the future stronger.
In this case, parents should talk to their respective school teachers or head of the department and come to a conclusion how much should be given to students to make the things purposeful. At present, it is important to find adifferent source of information to enrich the knowledge gathered. If students are facing problems in writing assignments, then the internet is the best choice. In this context, parents can take assistance from online academic professionals also.