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Accountancy, being a vast subject has many divisions and sub-divisions. Where it becomes necessary to go through various educational websites and flipping pages of reference books to know more about a topic, this acts as a half-way process during assignment time. Added to it are the numerous confusions that one can see in topics like dual pricing. To save you from such trouble and struggle, we have dual pricing homework help manual for you.

What is dual pricing?

You are well aware that there are different types of markets. When a manufacturer or a seller sells an identical commodity in all the different markets at different prices, that pricing technique is called dual pricing.

Why should dual pricing be employed?

There are various reasons for it. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Application of dual prices can prove to be beneficial to aggressive competitors. This is because they, in a new market, can sell their product at low prices.
  2. The price applied to a certain service can be changed as per its demand. This can be seen in case of flight ticket bookings. A person purchasing a ticket earlier has to pay less than what he or she has to pay when buying the same at the last moment.

The other reasons are clearly mentioned in our dual pricing assignment help manual.

Aspects that you will come to know from our help manual

Aside to all these details, you will also come to know about:

  1. Ethical issues related to dual pricing
  2. Differential factors between dual pricing and worldwide pricing
  • Various features of it
  1. Benefits and limitations of dual pricing


Suppose you give a seller a profit price which will allow him to gain normal profit margin. This will initiate a systematic and fair assessment leading to a good performance from the selling division.

Another of dual pricing instances is related to purchasers. Suppose a purchaser is charged extra for variable cost. This initiates the manager to opt for short term or optimal decisions.

There are more of such examples related to dual pricing that is present in dual pricing homework help manual.

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