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Know All About Dominated Strategy in Game Theory

Games are that part of us that provides us a break from our regular routines and in addition it provides an excitement on participation due to its uncertainty of results makes games more appealing.

Game theory on the other hand is a science that deals with the different strategies involved in games. All good players use some kind of strategy in any game they play. These are tricks that players use to understand the strategy of the other player and act accordingly to win through his moves. More about game theory can be obtained by visiting dominated strategy homework help.

Meaning of dominated strategy

Dominated strategy is that which yields the accurately best results irrespective of what the opponents are doing. These involve preset choices that the player makes which are bound to create the maximum rewards to risk balance. Getting more details on dominated strategy is possible by clicking on dominated strategy assignment help.

Understanding dominated strategy

These are the pre-set tricks that are used by players to win games. In actual practice there cannot be a true dominated strategy because whatever strategy one chooses, there is bound to be a reaction from the opponent. Thus it is nearly impossible to have an acute dominated strategy because both the players continuously adapt to the opponent’s moves. Knowing more about practical examples on dominated strategies is possible by checking out dominated strategy homework help.

Effects of dominated strategy

Dominated strategy is an important part of a game-play. But like all other strategies, it has certain effects on the game that are as follows –

  • The biggest advantage of a dominated strategy is that it has no controversies. It is a very powerful aspect that can be applied to any game by any player. But at the same time, application of such a strategy could be difficult in complicated scenarios. Knowledge on such situations can be got from
  • Usage of dominant strategies further determines what kind of strategies the players ina game are ready to make and what could be the possible results of such actions. Thus the game becomes more predictable and the opponents can keep themselves ready for the upcoming situation and can pre-plan an action.
  • At times, using dominated strategies makes the players used to the same strategies and in case these strategies work, the players lose the will to come up with new strategies, this might bring boredom in the game and lessen the possibility of new ideas.

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