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“Don’t Tell Me to Do My Homework” Mentors Need to Work On!

by Apr 9, 2017Homework Help

Do you know, what is the most unavoidable obstacle a student face about homework? It is, to make up their mind. Until they are under the pressure of the deadline, students keep their assignments unattended.

Homework is a responsibility of the students. Likewise we adults have to complete our scheduled requirements; students have to complete their tasks within time. But students fail to understand the importance of assignments and end up with frustration – “please don’t tell me to do my homework.”

Why is Homework necessary?

Assignments act as a bridge between class lectures and students. Students can utilize and experiment their concepts while solving homework.

  • Completing homework helps in revising the subject.
  • Assignments are like a self-assessment, where students get to test their skills.
  • Solving the questions in homework gives a clear picture of the capabilities of students.
  • Teachers learn the type and differences among students through homework.

So, we see that through assignments, teachers get the idea about the progress of students. Hence, the teachers find it easier to teach the fellow students individually according to the students’ calibre.

Often it is seen that many pupils are highly motivated in class, and mentally they are alarmed to complete the assignments timely. But this alertness wears off with passing time. By the time they reach home the students, easily avoid the homework often requesting – don’t tell me to do my homework.

Making up the mind: Tell me to do my homework

Homework requires concentration and focus. Students, who are serious about studies and classes, find it easier most of the times. But the same is less achievable by other students. So, the opening and foremost move to take before starting the assignments, are to prepare yourself mentally.

Find out why they avoid homework?

Why do they say – Don’t tell me to do my homework?

  • The subject is hard.
  • The subject contains too many sums and tricky derivation.
  • The questions in the homework are complex and cannot be solved easily.
  • You do not understand the concepts and the subject.
  • You get easily distracted when the assignments turn hard.
  • You have to spend a good amount of time to complete the tasks.
  • You are confident that you will be able to cope with the tasks before exams.

Among all these issues, there is a solution for all, except the last. If you are confident about your capabilities then completing the assignment should not be a problem for you. So, your confidence should not be over the limit to ruin it for you during the exams.

How to manage the issues?

You can make them happily say – Tell me to do my homework. This is how.

  • If the subject is hard, you have to attend the class lectures regularly. A student should revise the class lectures daily to cope with the subject.
  • The sums and derivation of certain topics require regular practice. Investing a small amount of time daily to solve the derivations will make it easier for the students.
  • Questions seem hard when students do not understand the context of the problem. To understand the questions, students should make notes while revising the subject. Writing down the significant points of the chapter under respective sections makes it easier to sort out the answers in less time.
  • Some subjects do not demand to memorize. Like mathematics, physics, etc. It demands pre-preparation and solving examples. For this case, it is advisable to attend regular classes and take help of the teacher to address queries.
  • Distraction is a trap when it comes to homework. Many students find homework easy, but they are easily distracted. To avoid distraction, the pupil should avoid any types of devices like mobiles, Television, laptops until required for homework. Try to find a quiet place and start with your homework.
  • Some students drag the assignment for a long time despite the quantity of the task. Set the alarm and allot each subject within a limited time slot. Try to complete the task within the allotted time. Slowly your speed will increase with each passing day.
  • But daily students have to invest some time in the assignments. There is nobody to remind you daily to do your homework, except yourself. Hence, set an alarm which will remind you daily. With time you will get accustomed to the routine, and you would not require further reminders.

Sometimes, employing an online assignment helper also helps you cope with your studies and homework. There are many sites available with experienced tutors. They say Tell me to do my homeworkand teach in one to one way. Hence, students do not feel shy to ask their queries and solve their problems.

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Every student cherishes good grades, but they avoid the hard work and labour to earn the good grades. Parents and teacher do know that life of a student is not comfortable.  They find it hard to manage between their schools, studies, and hobbies. But with a little guidance, they will grasp the schedule quickly.

Working is far better than regretting. So, students should not rely on other to remind them to do their homework. They should know they have to do their assignment and willingly say – tell me to do my homework.