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While studying biology you come across a special term called “genetic code”. To know the meaning of this code lets define it as:

  • It is a set of rules through which the encoded information within DNA and RNA is translated by living cells into proteins
  • This translation is carried on by the ribosome
  • It is able to create a link with amino acids as mentioned by the RNA
  • The genetic code is very much similar among all organisms
  • It can be expressed easily with 64 entries in a simple table

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What does genetic code of DNA defines?

  • It naturally defines about the sequences codons or nucleotide triplets can be added during protein synthesis
  • A codon is actually a nucleic acid sequence and it specifies one single amino acid
  • This particular code is generally referred as standard or canonical genetic code or just the genetic code
  • In human mitochondria the protein synthesis is dependent on the genetic code
  • This code differs greatly from the typical genetic code

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How was this code discovered?

  • The structure of DNA was discovered in 1953
  • George Gamow preached that three bases must be provided to encode the amino acids used by all living cells to build up their protein
  • With a code of 3 nucleotides would be able to code a maximum of 64 amino acids
  • Heinrich J. Matthaei was the first to discover the nature of codon
  • Har Gobind Khorana determined a lot of remaining genetic code
  • Robert W. Holley discovered the structure of transferring RNA

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