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DNA technologies allow scope for genetic engineering or genetic modification. Now, one might question what is genetic engineering? Well, genetic engineering involves modulation or manipulation of the genome of an organism by means of advanced biotechnology.

Role of DNA technologies

Integrated and thorough Researches over decades have resulted in invention of technologies, with which one can not only alter the genetic built of an organism. But these sets of DNA technologies also help to transfer genes between organisms of the same species or between organisms of different species. The objective of such research is to artificially produce better and improved species, nobler and antique ones. DNA engineering also makes use of cloning technologies.

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Genome Editing:

In genome engineering artificially modified nucleuses are used to add, remove or replace DNAs or engineered genes in organisms. Genetic engineering finds application in numerous fields including the medical field, agriculture, industry or research. The processes have been tried on plants as well as on animals and micro organism. Most of the crops that people consume today are genetically engineered to some extent.

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