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A sketch of DNA
DNA is an abbreviation of Deoxyribonucleic acid. It is a molecule found in red blood cells that encode the genetic instructions used in development and performance of all known living beings. DNA is a nucleic acid; it is very tiny and is present in every cell of every living organisms. The structure of DNA is too complex and is made up of chemical substance. It consists of two strands and is made up of four bases – adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine. DNA provides us with the whole characteristics of a particular living being’s body. DNA is a hereditary material that helps to maintain veracity of any living being. Thus, there is a lot more to know about the subject.

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Difficulties faced by students
DNA is a very wide subject as it contains a lot of subtopics under it. The most tricky and important part to understand is the structure of nucleic acid. Students fail to understand the concept. Arrangements of molecule, nature of DNA, recognition of DNA and some other topics are difficult to understand. DNA Assignment Help takes you out of this problem.

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