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DNA Assignment Answers

Myhomeworkhelp.com Provides You with Accurate DNA Assignment Answers

DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid. There are certain genetic codes present in all human beings and these codes help in determining genetic characters of human beings. It is this DNA that sets you apart from other individuals. This is a hereditary material that you get from your parents. Nobody else in the world will have the same DNA as that of yours.

Only your identical twin will have the same DNA like yours. The shape of this deoxyribonucleic acid is like that of double helix. It looks very similar to a ladder that has been twisted a number of times.

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What is DNA?

It is a very large molecule that contains our unique genetic code. It is very similar to a recipe book that contains all instructions that are required to make proteins inside the body. This DNA consists of four bases or building blocks and it is the order of these blocks that contain directions in genome. It is a long molecule that has 2 strands and its helix shape is very similar to that of a twisted ladder.

Each of the strands of this molecule consists of a sequence of bases that is A, C, G, T. Bases on one strand stand with the complementary bases of the other strand. Each of these pairs is joined together by hydrogen bonds. The two strands are anti-parallel and stand opposite of each other. During the DNA replication these strands get separated from each other.

The human genome consists of as many as 3.2 million DNA bases. The size of the other genomes of other organisms is different from that of human beings. Often it happens that students find it very difficult to understand the concept of DNA. So if you are also not very clear with the concept of DNA then you can get DNA assignment answers from our agency.

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How does your DNA make you unique?

Genes are sequentially arranged in all human beings and the arrangement is 99.9% the same. There is a very slight change in the DNA sequence and it is this small change that makes each human being unique.

There are around 1-3 bases that differ from one person to another and these differences can actually change the function as well as the shape of protein. They also decide how much of protein is to be made inside the body. When or where this protein is to be made is also decided by this company.

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