Dividends Homework Answers

Dividends Assignment Answers

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The stocks that pay you dividends are referred to as dividend stocks. This payment is made to the stockholders either by cash or with the help of shares. It is with these dividends that company is able to share part of its profits with shareholders. This money is normally distributed quarterly and after this the remaining profit is used to carry out other operations of the company.

Receiving dividends can be compared to receiving of interest in banks. However it is not much interesting. Returns that depend on share prices are much more interesting especially if prices rise. Investing in dividends is extremely popular and so there are a number of students who do projects on this topic.

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Advantages of investing in dividends

  • Helps in getting a passive income

Dividends provide you with a steady flow of income. You can either reinvest the income generated from these dividends or spend it according to your choice. This is especially attractive for retired people who consider it to be a supplemental income.

  • Get associated with stable companies

Companies paying dividends have certain stability. Start companies cannot pay dividends because they use up all profits for their own growth. The board of directors of successful companies only pay dividends. Investing in dividends help you to get associated with some of the biggest companies. Companies which pay dividends are also entitled to enjoy certain benefits. The management of such companies are accountable to shareholders and are therefore less prone to take foolish decisions.

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  • Lesser amount of risk

There is a lower amount of risk involved in investing in dividends. This is because there are two ways the investors get returns on investments. Share prices here are therefore are much less volatile. These shares get less affected even when the share market falls.

  • There is also an impending boost from baby boomers

When baby boomers reach retirement age then they tend to find out sources for extra income. This increases the demand for dividend stocks and also increases their prices. It is definitely not certain that this will take place however it is important for you to be aware of this in the coming years.

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