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How to define Distribution of Income?

Income distribution or Distribution of Income is a common term which is basically used to measure the total GDP (Gross Domestic Product) distribution among the people of a nation. In the other words, it can be said that national income is distributed amongst the various people of a country and that is known as the Distribution of Income.

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Well, it can be remarked undoubtedly that if every man of a nation earns equal amount, then Income Distribution is going to be absolutely equal. So, it is quite clear that there are some elements or tools through which the national GDP distribution is measured. After all, national income and its distribution are the matters of serious discussions in the eyes of Economics and economists too.

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It should not be a factor to overlook that income of a society is represented by the Lorenz curve which is associated with the concept of inequality in a society or nation. There may be various causes for which income inequality is observed in a country or state and they include some of the following ones:

  • Capability of individuals.
  • Different educational standard.
  • Economic policies.
  • Tax policies.
  • Results of globalization.
  • Various monetary policies.
  • Technological advancement.
  • Differences between race and culture.

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The chief factors of Income Distribution:

According to the father of Economist, Adam Smith and the other classical economists, the main factors are as follows:

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