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What is distillation design?

Distillation design is a process that helps to separate two or more components into an overhead bottom or distillate. The bottom product is exclusively liquid while the distillate one may be liquid and vapour.

How does this distillation process work?

To perform distillation process, you need three things. First, a second phase should be formed so that both vapour and liquid phases can contact each other in every stage within a separate column. Second, the components should have different volatilities so that they can partition into two phases. Finally, the two phases need to be separated by gravity or any other mechanical means.

This distillation design process is different from stripping and absorption, and that is why the second phase is created through thermal means.

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Distillation is said to be the least expensive means of separating mixture from theliquid. However, if relative volatile of components is less than 1.1, then the distillation will become more expensive.

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