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Accounting assignments can be pretty troublesome, especially when you do not have sufficient time at hand. The sums take long hours and little errors in calculation can make things go wrong. Also, one might not know about all the assets and liabilities and the heads they need to deal with. One common problem that students face all the time is regarding discounting of bills.

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What is meant by discounting of bills?

Discount of bill in a way means paying an advance against the security of a bill. An amount of interest is charged for this advance payment. This amount of interest depends upon the date on while the bill is being discounted and the date when it was due. However, every bill comes with a date before which it cannot be discounted.

Discounting of bills is a common procedure which is practiced by organizations which undertake regular monetary transaction. Also, on occasions, bills can be discounted by the bank, but in such a case the recipient wouldn’t receive the entire amount, but a part of it shall be deducted by the bank as interest.

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