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This direct torque control is a procedure to control the torque in variable frequency drives. This consists of manipulating an approximate measurement of the voltage and current of the motor’s magnetic flux and the torque. Sometimes these direct torque control mechanism seems to be confusing. You may lose all your interest from the subject. But before losing all your hopes just go through direct torque control homework help and get the right guidance.

What is direct torque control platform?

Stator flux linkage isestimated by the method of integration of the stator voltages.Torque is actually the product of both flux linkage vector and of estimated stator. After this the approximate flux magnitude and torque are juxtaposed with their source values. If theapproximate flux or torque drifts too far away from the referred tolerance,the transistors that operate or can operate on variable frequency are switched on and off in a way that the errors in flux and the torque will be turned within their tolerance limits as quickly as possible.

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Want to know some properties of direct torque control?

  • Just by changing the references, the torque and flux can be changed very fast.
  • The switching processes of DTC are very random due to its hysteresis control.
  • If you make the torque reference to zero and then begin the inverter the synchronization to spinning or rotating machine is uncomplicated due to the fast control.
  • They are very efficient with little losses.
  • There is no overshoot for the step responses.
  • You don’t need any different modulator.
  • The calculations are done in a simple way in stationary co-ordinate system.
  • Very simple algorithms are used.
  • The measuring devices must be of very high quality without making any noise.
  • As there are no PI current controllers, hence no tuning of the controller is needed.
  • This method is not much sensitive to any motor parameters when it is in high speed.

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