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What do you understand by Direct Costing on Sponsored Projects?

The funds related to Sponsored projects like contracts, grants or any type of other agreements direct from the government or sometimes non- government sections. This is the direct costs for a particular activity comparatively convenient with accuracy of the higher level.

What are the various facts on which costs depend?

The Cost must have the following criteria to fulfill the need as-

  • Allowable – The sponsored must follow the general Principle and thus it must have some limitations. Thus, sponsored agreement is very important.
  • Allocable – This is very important for a sponsored project.
  • Reasonable – It needs to be reasonable.

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What are the different factors of the federal sponsors need to be known while preparing budget?

The various factors are as follows-

  • Various benefits and clerical and administrative salaries.
  • Office Supplies.
  • Local Telephone Costs.
  • Calls for long distance.
  • Pagers and Cell Phones.
  • Membership in scientific organization or professional organization.
  • Photocopies.
  • Postage.

What are the facts need to be followed for Justify Expenses?

  • Federal Sponsors.
  • None Federal Sponsors.

There are some restricted terms or issues on which the expense of sponsors depends. So, you must know about the issues or the conditions when justify can easily be done after going through the facts. For any help related to the assignment you can contact Direct Costing on Sponsored Projects Homework Help.

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