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Diminishing marginal returns is known as the law of Diminishing Marginal Returns. The diminishing returns happen when one factor of production is increased, and all other factors of production are kept constant, leading to a lower output. Law of variable proportions and diminishing marginal productivity are other names of diminishing marginal returns.

Diminishing returns are always calculated for the short run while the diseconomies of scale are always calculated in the long run.

Example of diminishing marginal returns

A factory is producing ten units with ten members, and the factor adds one more member that is the 11 members. The output is now at 9, and this is a case of diminishing return. A student seeking Diminishing Marginal Returns assignment help would always get the detailed explanation about the real life examples in their assignment with our quality research writing.

Chemical fertilizer is an example of diminishing marginal return. If a farmer uses chemical fertilizer, the output increases and when the farmer keeps on increasing the chemical fertilizer with all other factors constant, the output would be seen to diminish. The reason is that soil gets saturated with fertilizer and that affects output.

An economics student plans to revise the diminishing marginal topic, and he or she gets comfortable initially. But after some time may lose interest and this is the case of diminishing returns. Diminishing Marginal Returns homework help from myhomeworkhelp.com would be self-explanatory like this, and we ensure that real business examples are given importance.

Another example related to a café which has a good business in the summer season. They plan to employ some more additional workers. This decision can backfire because there is little room for new workers to move around and this increase serving time. The additional of workers were meant to reduce the serving time. But these decisions can back-fire the original plan. Diminishing Marginal Returns assignment help will make the student get comfortable with the topic.

A hot dog producing company produced 100 hot dogs with ten employees, and they added ten more employees. This increases the hot dog production, leading the number to hike up to 180.The companies then decided to add ten more employees, and the hot dog production increased to 220.

The increase of the first ten only bought 80 additions and the second 10 bought only 40 additions. Any additions of an employee may back fire and company has to decide on the optimal size of employees that can guarantee high production. The decision is important else the company can land up in a loss.

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