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Definition of different preferences toward risk

The extent of risk aversion of a person depends on his income and the nature of the risk. People who are risk-averse, with others things staying equal, opt for a smaller difference in outcomes. The higher the income variability, the more is the willingness of the individual to pay to avoid a risky scenario.

The Preferences toward Risk tend to differ across persons. There are 3 Different Preferences toward Risk, and individual approaches toward risk are categorized into the following:

  1. Risk Averse – It denotes people who pick, from two alternatives, the one with less variation in the outcomes.
  2. Risk Neutral – It denotes those who are indifferent to two alternatives with the same anticipated monetary worth and different outcome variations. They always pick the alternative with the best-anticipated
  3. Risk Loving – It denotes those who choose, from two alternatives with the same anticipated financial value, the one with the biggest variability.

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Different preferences toward risk – What students should know?

As per managerial economics, people have different risk preferences that they consider while taking decisions on whether to buy an item. Different risk preferences arise from variations in the level of dissatisfaction or satisfaction for individuals that arise from risk. There is a close relationship between different risk preferences, utility and expected payoff.

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