Everything You Need to Know About Standard Deviation Risk Measure

What is standard deviation?

  • Represented as SD or the Greek letter sigma, Standard deviation is a measure that calculates the amount of variation that is found in a particular set of data values.
  • This deviation is used to calculate risk measures for hedge funds and mutual funds.
  • In order to measure standard deviation you must calculate the variance. SD is then the square root of this variance.
  • Standard deviation is also used to calculate other thingslike population statistics, data sets, random variables and probability distribution.

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How does deviation risk measurement work?

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  • All sets of data or a security have a range of volatility that is based on the range of variance and deviation in the data.
  • Here, deviation refers to how data varies from its mean or average point.
  • Variance allows one to calculate the risk in the same unit of measurement while removing it from the set of data.
  • While it seems complicated, it is actually a simpler and easier method of measuring risk.

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  • When considering stock market investments, the more data deviates from the mean, the greater the risk and the more volatile it is.
  • So if the range of returns from a stock is more than the average estimated returns, there is a higher risk percentage involved.
  • Risk isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the higher the risk, the more potential there is for payout.

Use of deviation risk measurement

  • It allows you to calculate the amount of loss you may have to incur.
  • It gives you a wider range of options to choose from when it comes to stocks and hedge funds.
  • You are able to make well-informed decisions.
  • There may not be a 100% guarantee but you do have some idea of which way your investment may lead.

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