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At first you need to know about the meaning of implementation plan. This plan means:

  • It is a management tool which is designed in such a way to illustrate the minute details and difficult steps before starting a project.
  • It is basically a map or a guide which will help any program staff to identify the challenges.
  • It will help any person involved with that particular program to understand the aim of that program.
  • It also helps to ascertain how that program can be successfully accomplished.

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Importance of implementation plan:

  • This plan helps the stakeholders to think critically about all the components used.
  • This plan saves a lot of time, money and energy.
  • Before beginning a stakeholder can predict all the factors because of this implementation plan.
  • The entire planning becomes extremely proactive and uses the best practices.
  • As a result it provides a very well thought and high quality program.

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How can the implementation plan be used?

  • This implementation plan is used as an important guide.
  • All persons are referred to a common document.
  • As a result, directors and program managers understands the intentions and goal of the program.
  • This implementation plan must be reviewed regularly in staff meetings.
  • This plan needs to be updated at regular intervals whenever necessary.
  • It acts as a guide for planning and developing the program.

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The elements or factors that need to be included in implementation plan are:

  • Program model
  • Grantee name
  • Goal of the program

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