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Boost up Your Knowledge Determination of Ka for a Weak Acid Assignment Help

Do you feel chemistry as the toughest subject? That consists all chemicals formulas and so many other things making it a complicated one. Thus chemistry homework is a nightmare to you. Chemistry is such a stream of science that requires detailed explanations. But chemistry can also be interesting and making chemistry easy will necessitate an experienced chemistry teacher. To avail such click to and opt for determination of Ka for a weak acid homework help.

Our team consists oftalented teachers to who help the students to know and answer chemistry. Once you can catch the basic concepts, chemistry will no more be a tough subject for you. So keep following to determination of Ka for a weak acid assignment helpto know more on this topic.

What is Ka?

We know that there are several acids and bases present, and we describe them as weak or strong acid or base, based on their strength. But this classification has been considered quite illogical due to the presence of more other descriptions. Such is Ka, which describes the ionization of the acids. In a chemical reaction, to gain equilibrium, an equilibrium constant is necessary.  This equilibrium constant for reactions in acid is called Ka. The more the value of Ka the more will be the acid strength. Every acid has its characteristic value, and that helps to identify unknown acid. Thus Ka meaning is made easy by our determination of Ka for a weak acid homework help team.

Ways to determine Ka value of weak acid:

There are mainly two ways to determine the value of Ka of a weak acid. They are:

  • Titration of a sample of the weak acid with base– in this method the pH is measured with a pH meter and the values are plotted in a graph. Then the equivalence point is marked out from the graph. Then the volume of the base is calculated, and its pH point is also noted down. Finally, the hydrogen ion to the pH is equal to the Ka of the acid.
  • Half-volume method- here in this processthe acid solution is divided into two halves. One of its portions is titrated with phenolphthalein till it reaches its endpoint. Now both the parts of acid are mixed, and the pH is noted down. Thus the pH value of the solution mixture is converted to hydrogen ion that gives the Ka value.

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