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Describing Treatment of Proprietors Withdrawal Homework Answers Briefly

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

The field of accounting has many opportunities for the students. With this, they can achieve their goal of successful future. To have a better understanding of accounts, it is essential to concentrate on your academic life and this subject. However is it possible to concentrate all the time? Many students find it difficult to deal with accounting on their own. These students surely search for Treatment of Proprietors Withdrawal Homework Answers which is a real requirement in every student’s life. A student can be happy with a comprehensive and compact solution.

Withdrawing funds and goods from the business by the owner of the business is common practice. There are times when owners avail the services from their business. Sometimes, proprietors also purchase properties and equipment by using their funds take from the business. This is a common thing.

Meaning of Treatment of Proprietors Withdrawal

Normally owner of the business takes out money from their business to satisfy their domestic and personal purpose. It is also possible to avail different services of their business assets like using the business car for their private purposes. They can purchase private assets by using funds from the business. They can also purchase assets or other things for their family members. These transactions are termed as the withdrawals to the proprietor’s account. A student has the opportunity to achieve a vast knowledge about this subject through Treatment of Proprietors Withdrawal Homework Answers.

In what case drawing account get debited?

In the following cases, the drawing account is recorded in debt side of the accounts.

  • When the proprietor withdraws funds for personal use.
  • Use of the business vehicle, car and using the business fund to make payment for equipment used for personal purpose.
  • For satisfying domestic purpose goods taken from the business.
  • Rent paid by using funds from business for the proprietor’s residence.

The cases mentioned above will be treated on the debit side of drawing accounts. The Treatment of Proprietors Withdrawal Homework Answers helps a student in understanding these cases more precisely to avoid any accounting errors. For having the complete understanding of these cases is truly essential for students.

Sometimes, accountant debit trade account, sundry account as well as other miscellaneous accounts by mistake instead of recording into drawing account. Therefore, if any additional account other than drawing account is recorded on the debit side, it is considered as an error. This can be rectified only making proper rectification entry.

The total amount of the Journal entry requires by the addition of the right value of the transactions with the incorrect amount posted. In case, any posting made by mistake at the wrong side made with the same amount, then to correct this mistake a Journal entry is required to make with the double amount.

Capital drawer an essential part of accounts

The Treatment of Proprietors Withdrawal Homework Answers can give students knowledge about the various factors of accounts. Many online service providers are easily available to provide expert assistance to students who find this topic difficult to handle without any help. The withdrawal of funds is capital draw. Sole proprietors can use capital draw any time for any reason. They can do this just by transferring funds using online banking option.  They can also write a cheque for this.  These transactions are mentioned in owner’s internal records. This will help in avoiding misplacing of funds.

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