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Derivatives Assignment Answers

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What are derivatives?

A derivative refers to a security. The price is determined on the basis of one or other assets like stocks, various kinds of bonds, currencies and the like. It is a kind of a contract between two or a large number parties and the whole scenario is assessed based on one asset or more than that. Since the value of the underlying assets is not a constant thing, the value is assured based on the fluctuations observed at a given time. Derivatives as a financial instrument are very common and have been there for ages facilitating contracts between merchants.

The kind of topics that students are made to answer in assignments

  • Analyzing the various scopes in a derivative market
  • The participants in a derivative market like Hedgers, Speculators, Arbitrageurs,
  • Throwing light on the kinds of derivatives Forwards, Futures, Options, Warrants, Leaps, Baskets, Swaps
  • Factors which pave the way for growth of the financial derivatives
  • Carrying out a comparative study: Future Vs Forward Contract

& more.

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  • Not understanding how to start an assignment answer on derivatives from scratch
  • Having blurred knowledge about various topics on derivatives.

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