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Cytoskeleton- understand the concept

The cytoskeleton consists of three important types of cytosolic fibers:

  1. Microfilaments
  2. Microtubules
  3. Intermediate filaments

Cytoskeleton, Cell Signaling, Cell Cycle, Cancer assignment help gives you valuable information related to cytoskeleton signaling which can help to regulate any important cellular processes that may include polarity, cell division, migration and also speaks about movement that occurs through flagella and cilia.

Kind of signals received by cells

You need to understand that most of the cell signals are chemical in nature. For instance, prokaryotic organism may contain sensors which would detect any chemical nutrients and also enable to navigate towards the food contain. In case of any multi-cellular organism, there are different other types of chemical signals that are being used by cells such as:

  • Growth factors
  • Extracellular matrix
  • Hormones
  • Neurotransmitters

Cytoskeleton, Cell Signaling, Cell Cycle, Cancer assignment help will give knowledge on the substances that can surely affect the cell locally. Neurotransmitters are known to be a short range signaling molecule that comes with ability to transfer through narrow passage between adjacent neurons.

Stages of any cell cycle

In order to divide, the cell should complete few of the important activities:

  • It needs to grow
  • Copy the genetic material which is referred as DNA
  • Split the cell into two daughter cells

Cell has the ability to perform such task in the most organized and predictable manner by performing each step smoothly. The Cytoskeleton, Cell Signaling, Cell Cycle, Cancer homework help gives you explanation on the cell cycle than any linear pathway. The two daughter cells can surely start up with exact process over again. In case of eukaryotic cells, it is divided into two major phases such as interphase and mitotic phase.

  1. During interphase, you will find that cell will grow and then also make copy of DNA
  2. During mitotic phase, the cell has ability to separate DNA and it is divided into cytoplasm which can form two new cells

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