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The three main types of filaments like actin, intermediate and microtubules make up the cytoskeleton. These filaments are held together and are linked to the plasma membrane and subcellular organelles and are connected by a number of accessory proteins. This interesting concept can be understood easily by going through cytoskeleton and cell motility homework help.

Functions of cytoskeleton:

  • There are multiple functions performed by the cytoskeleton.
  • Firstly it gives the shape to the cell and also prevents it to deform
  • With the association with other cells and various connective tissues it can stabilize the entire tissue
  • The cytoskeleton is able to contract very actively and thereby helps the cell to migrate from each other
  • Besides, it is also engaged in many pathways of cell signaling
  • During cell division, endocytosis gets segregated from the chromosomes
  • It is then involved in cytoskeleton where the mother cell gets divided into two mother cells
  • It is able to form some specialized structures like cilia, lamellipodia, podosomes and flagella
  • One of the main example of the work performed by cytoskeleton is contraction of muscles
  • Within each and every muscle cell, molecular motors called myosin exerts immense pressure to enable the contraction of muscles
  • This action helps to contract the muscle cells

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Let us know in details about the three different types of filaments:


  • Composed of some linear polymers
  • They can generate force while growing
  • They keep a track on the movement of myosin

Intermediate filaments:

  • They are part of animal’s cytoskeleton
  • The diameter is 10 nanometers in average
  • They often participate in different cell matrix and cell to cell junctions


  • They are like hollow cylinders
  • They play a key role in:
  1. The axoneme of flagella and cilia
  2. Intracellular transport
  3. Mitotic spindle
  4. In plants synthesizing the cell wall

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