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What are Customer Profitability and Relevant Costs?

Customer profitability is an important concept in Finance. When a company serves customers over a particular time period and makes a profit, it is referred to as Customer Profitability. It measures the profitability of the customer groups of a specific firm, which helps in the thorough understanding of particular business insights.

This domain of finance focuses more on the variation between the revenues earned and the costs that are related to customer relationship. Customer Profitability covers some of the basics of finance.

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Assessing the importance of Customer Profitability and Relevant Costs

Various types of customer relationships are understood better by the calculation of customer profits, given that any specific firm can be in a better position without a few unprofitable customer relationships. Ticking off these customer relationships, which do not yield profits either in the short term or the long term, can be highly rewarding for an organization as it can let it be in profit.

It has a positive side, given that an understanding of the profitable customer relationships – which can be advantageous for a firm – can allow it to be in a better position and enjoy more profitable relationships. However, public relations and some other factors have to be taken into account while forsaking some customer relations. Customer Profitability includes all such factors, and it is essential to understand the factors to understand how a business can improve its profit margins and enhance its bottom line in the long run.

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