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Currently, Which One is Best: c#, Java or C++?

by Sep 28, 2015Computer Science

A computer requires a language to understand a program, and thus programming language is used. The language used by C, C++ and Java are excellent to get a proper sense and perfect one to get the result. So, before you select any one out of these three languages, you just have to know that which one is the best. But, according to the knowledge and experience C# is the perfect one.

Why is C# better than Java?

There are some points which can easily explain that why C# is better than Java. Have a look-

1. Properties and Events are excellent native construct in C# as there is no much noise of EJB, implementation of private class static.

2. The idioms which are native resource-management get supported in C#. The statement “using” is thus a convenient statement in this language. Though Java 7 has this, but C# is a long time user of this statement.

3. Non-reference type is very much convenient and can easily be defined in C#.

4. If you desire to use dynamic variables, then you can use this.

5. You can easily use generic covariance as well as contravariance.

6. The “yield” statement is there to give an excellent enumeration support.

Why is C# better than C++?

1. If you see the programming code of both, then C# allows more flexibility in the relationship of classes.

2. All stuff in this language is well implemented, and you can easily use them.

3. The native managed code blocks are completely beneficial in this.

4. The garbage-collection in C# is native.

5. Assembly versioning is very much active and thus it can easily remedy the hell problems in DLL.

Henceforth, you can easily get that how much flexibility is there in C# as compared to C++ and Java. You can understand this properly after utilizing the program to execute it for a project or any task. You will also get about “If C and C++ give the best performance, why do we still code in other languages?”