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What do you understand by Cultural intelligence?

Cultural intelligence can also be referred to as cultural quotient or in short as CQ only. Cultural intelligence can boost or develop your career and hence, you may understand the necessity of managing it. Basically, this term signifies ability to work or perform.

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Books that you may go through:

As this concept is quite newer as told previously, you may have to face hazards while taking a grip on that. In that case, a book named Cultural Intelligence: Individual Interactions across Cultures released in 2003 would be appropriate. The authors of that book P. Christopher Early along with Soon Ang had given early explanations. After that, David Livermore arrived with his Leading with Cultural Intelligence where the previous concepts got development.

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Cultural Quotient Capabilities:

CQ or cultural quotient is not only significant in business but also in the educational sector, governmental sector and more on in this regard. It is also measured by a scale and there are four fundamental qualities those are referred to as thefour capabilities of CQ. These abilities are listed below:

  • CQ Drive.
  • CQ Knowledge.
  • CQ Action.
  • CQ Strategy.

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CQ in business:

There are some factors through which cultural intelligence is developed and they are:

  • Cognitive means.
  • Motivational means.
  • Physical means.

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