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Cultural Factors Is an Important Parameter in Advertisement Business

Cultural factors are an important attribute that decides the purchasing behavior of a consumer. Culture is an important part that will be decided by the place where a person is born and bought up. Asian culture is different from Western culture, and this affects the purchasing behavior. Red is considered as a lucky color in China while many cultures think it as too aggressive color. will help students understand various factors that decide advertisement when they seek cultural factors assignment help

Hoe culture affects advertisement process

The advertisement should take into the account of traditions that are time-bound and performed by the most number of peoples. An advertisement that focuses son relationship will click only if culture prefers close bond relationship in a family. If a culture values more of the individual style of work, then an advertisement that focuses more on teamwork will not work and in the same manner, if a culture prefers teamwork then an advertisement that promotes individualism will not work.

Burger companies have ensured that cater to global products by respecting local culture. When Burger Company sells their meat products in Islamic countries, they ensure that the meat is halal and they respect the religious sentiment.

An advertisement will also focus on the pricing factors. In a certain culture, they give importance to price, and they would compare products before zeroing in on a product. The key factor that is taken into consideration will be the price and brand value will not be taken into consideration. So the company that is strong in brand value will have to come with different innovations that will allow skimming of a market on price, and this has to be aggressively marketed.

A car company has been forced to withdraw a car that did not make any wave in Brazil. The reason for that was the name of the car and name meant a sexual organ in Brazil. The advertisement did not click, and a company was forced to change a name and reintroduce product. We ensure that student gets real like advertisement examples when they seek cultural factors assignment help.

Advertisement will have to take importance of cultural communications

Time is an important factor for Americans. They will always want a person to stick to the deadline and meet it. Americans are always explicit in communication ensuring that they give more details.

Japan is a country that gives importance to implicit communication, and this means that the premises of understanding will have to be inferred from advertisement.

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