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Crowding out in Economics is defined by some economists as a type of phenomenon that takes place when the involvement of the government increases in that sector of the market. As a result the economy tends to affect the rest of the market, both on the demand or supply side of the market.

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What does crowding out investment by the government means?

  • Basically it means that the government is in demand of more funds from loan
  • The government is also increasing the amount of interest from the borrowed amount
  • It may lead to the total output with little or no changes.
  • It also refers to a service or output provided by the government
  • To the private sector, it may be taken as a huge business opportunity

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Determining factors that reflects on how much crowding out takes place?

  • If the curve of the investment saving is flatter when the interest rate increases more than the income increases
  • If the multiplier is larger, then the interest and income increases more. As a result, it leads to the horizontal shift of the curve in the Investment saving curve.
  • If the investment saving curve is flatter, it may mean that the interest rate has increased, more than the income.

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