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What is financial Management?
It is the lifeline of any business. It very well works just like human body. If there is no blood circulation in body then we will not be able to live likewise are finances. If finances are not properly managed in a company then systems of businesses will stop. The arrangements of finances as well as its distribution to different branches are equally important.

Whenever finances are moving through security issues like shares and debentures, are known to security finance. The other name is corporate securities. It is again divided in to two parts:
1.    Ownership or capital stock securities
2.    Debt capital or Creditorship securities.

Even though there are two points that needs to be discussed, but here we and our Creditorship Securities Assignment Help team is going to explain what creditorship secure is.

What is a creditorship security?
Creditorship security: also known as debt finance and is organized from creditors. Debentures and Bonds are the two major parts of this kind of security.

Debentures are the certificates given by a company and is classified as:

  • Secured Debentures.
  • Irredeemable Debentures.
  • Unsecured Debentures.
  • Redeemable Debentures.
  • Convertible Debentures.
  • Collateral Debentures.
  • First Debentures.
  • Zero Interest Debentures/ Bonds.
  • Guarantee Debentures.
  • Zero coupon bond.

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