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What is the Cox-Ingersoll-Ross Model?

Commonly known as the CIR model, this is a short rate or one factor model that is an extension of what is known as the Vasicek Model. This model is used to study the evolution of various movements of interest rates that occur by only one market source risk. Introduced by John C. Cox, Jonathan E. Ingersoll and Stephen A. Ross in 1985, it was used to analyse interest rate derivatives and their valuation. There are a number of other models and factors that contribute to the understanding of all of this. Hence, it is absolutely essential to acquire easy to understand Cox-Ingersoll-Ross Model homework help.

Other Important Models

Before you try and comprehend the CIR model, you must know the basics of the short rate model and the Vasicek model. When you search for Cox-Ingersol-Ross Model assignment help, the service you opt for should have detailed explanations on these essential models. It will be a requirement if you want to pursue mathematical finance further.

  • Short Rate Model:

Future evolutions of interest rates and interest derivatives are described via this model. The CIR is the only one such model. Others include Merton’s Model and the Hull-White model.

  • Vasicek Model:

This is another variation of the short rate model but it has a singular disadvantage, that is, it allows negative interest rates to be included in its final data. This model was formulated by Oldrich Vasicek.

How to search for help?

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  • The person or service should be able to answer all your questions related to the subject and should be educated on it so that they do not provide you with incorrect or misleading information.
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