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What is covariate?

Covariate is the continuous variable, which is also a control variable, is used to observe rather than to manipulate. But, it is always there to affect the outcome of that particular experiment. It may consider as the direct interest or it can also be an interacting and confounding variable. This is the reason that a covariant depends on both independent and dependent variables.

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Why students get confused about the term?

Covariates are those that don’t have any primary interest. These are also referred to as Nuisance variables. These variables are used in different ways in different situations. Moreover, in case of econometrics the covariant is termed as “control Variable”.

If you go through the different ways, then it would be completely clear that Covariates are not primary variables as they do not take action directly, but it affects the outcome. This also affects the relationship of dependent and independent variables.

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What are the different term related to Covariant?

The various terms are as follows-

  • Dependent Variable.
  • Independent Variable.
  • Regression Analysis.
  • Time-Varying Covariates.
  • Analysis of covariance.
  • Predictor Variable.
  • Control Variable.

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