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We make sure to simplify the chapter so that your knowledge becomes ever-lasting. Our professionals are highly dedicated and take proper care of needs of students. Coulomb’s law is based on basic idea of electricity. It would state about the forces that is generated between two charged objects.

What does Coulomb’s law mean?

In case with the increase in distance, the electric fields as well as forces get decreased. Coulomb’s law assignment help will simplify the idea with a simple formula. The forces that take place between objects can either be positive or negative depending on law of attraction and repletion.

There are some charges that might get attracted towards each other. Positive and negative charges seem to get attracted towards each other whereas, similar charges repels. Students would also learn that forces among objects get stronger when they gets attracted and tends to become weak while apart.

Statement of Coulomb’s law

Coulomb’s law assignment help will ensure that you have information related to different laws of Coulomb’s:

  • First law:

Similar charged particles repel each other while the opposite charged particles get attracted towards each other.

  • Second law:

The force of attraction or repulsion is directly proportional to magnitude of their charges and inversely proportional to square of distance between two particles.

Forces (F)


  • F stands for repulsion or attraction force between charged objects.
  • Q1 and Q2 represents electrical charged of the objects.
  • D represents the distance between charged particles.
  • K is constant.

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