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What do you mean by Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects?

Cost sharing indicates that a part or portion of a project or an assignment cost related to the federal funds is not paid by the organizations. In this case that particular cost gets shared and known as Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects. Now, in such case only allowable cost is permitted to share. Unallowable expenses are not permitted to share.

What are the various types of cost sharing?

These are as follows-

  1. Committed Cost sharing
  • Mandatory Committed Cost.
  • Voluntary Committed Cost.
  1. Uncommitted cost sharing
  • Voluntary Uncommitted cost sharing.
  1. Institutional Cost Sharing.
  2. Cost for Allowable cost sharing.

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What are the criteria for cost sharing of non-Federals accounting?

These are as follows-

  • The mandatory as well as voluntary cost sharing along with third party must be verified.
  • Certified by reporting system.
  • It must be allowable.
  • Directly relevant to the project objectives.

What are the expenditures that can be shared as cost shared?

  • Direct cost
  1. Faculty or other staff efforts.
  2. Equipment
  3. Travel expenses.
  4. Laboratory Supplies.
  • Indirect Cost.

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