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What is the cost of capital and of assets?

  • Cost of capital-

It is the cost that is attributed to the funds of a company like debt and equity. When a company raises capital in the form of debt or equity then the cost for the company is the interest and dividends that it needs to pay to the investors. And from the point of view of investors, the cost of capital is the minimum rate of return that they expect from the investments which they have made in different securities.

  • Cost of assets-

It is the money that is spent for acquiring various assets in the company. A company needs various assets like land, building, plant, machinery, equipment’s etc and thus their overall cost evaluation is also very important in finance. Sometimes the assets are obtained through loans and borrowings and then the costs of interests are also taken into account. Concepts like original cost, replacement cost etc are also related to assets.

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A useful analysis of the topic

Cost of capital and of assets is an important decision area for any business. The finance manager in a company along with the top management takes important decisions related to cost of capital and of assets. It is very important that the returns that are generated from the capital as well as through investments in assets should be greater than the cost involved. Otherwise the business would face losses.

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