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What is a cost center?

A company is divided into a number of departments, each one being like the different parts of the human body, contributing to the overall functioning of the business organization. There are certain departments which do not contribute directly to the profits earned by the company, but their uncompromised functioning requires the company to undertake expenses, that is, they add to the cost but do not add to the earnings of the company in a direct manner. Yet, the cost centers are an essential, integral part of every company because they accentuate customer satisfaction and therefore, they increase sales.

Cost center assignments:

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Advantages of a cost center:

The two main forms of cost centers are production cost centers and service cost centers, and they are important because:

  • They help in monitoring the overall functioning of an organization and thereby, they bring about increased efficiency
  • Cost centers attempt to improve the functioning, reduce expenses and losses and thereby, it contributes in decreasing avoidable loss
  • Each department has its own particular role to play. If one such department goes missing, the company will inevitably face challenges and loses. For instance, a company cannot function without an HR department or a marketing department

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Disadvantages of cost centers:

  • While these departments monitor the overall functioning, it is difficult to track the efficiency of these departments
  • The performance of these divisions can only be judged in terms of cost generated because profit is not a direct factor here
  • Since the efficiency cannot be measured in monetary terms, productivity becomes hard to evaluate.

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