Cost-Benefit Analysis Assignment Needs Depth Knowledge

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Do you know about Cost-benefit analysis?

Cost benefit Analysis means an exact procedure to know about the benefit and the cost of a project. Not only that, but you can easily grab the perfect and the most effective way of determination of the profit and its cost in a proper way.

Time value is important in the point of view of money. Now, it is very important to compare benefits and cost of a project at the present time.

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What are the important purposes of Cost-benefit analysis?

There are two different purposes and they are-

  • To determine if current project is sound investment
  • To know comparing projects on their basis level and that helps in finding out it’s expected cost as compare to its expected benefit.

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What are the different factors related to Cost-benefit?

Some factors are as follows-

  • List alternative programs or projects
  • List stakeholders
  • Conversion of cost benefit into genuine currency
  • Externality effect
  • Option value
  • Impact on user or participant
  • Impact on non user or non participants
  • Sensitive analysis
  • Net present Value
  • Discount rate application

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