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Cost behaviour is associated with the change in thecost of different resources at different level of activities. The cost is proportionately important to check the level of changes in different operational procedures. The cost behaviour assignment help from has the capability to make students aware of cost changes and its importance in real life too.

Cost behaviour:

Cost behaviour can be explained as the total costs that are involved due to change in some activities. In this scenario, some of the cost include in owning or bidding process of valuable items with reasonable increase in investment.

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In addition, cost behaviouris linked with two factors that include:

  • Variable cost
  • Fixed cost

Variable Cost:

Variable cost will change as per the unit produced or used in an organizational process. It is mainly proportional tonumber of activities involved. An expense is termed as variable cost because it is not fixed in every order.

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Fixed Cost:

A fixed cost is related to constant price that cannot be change within particular range of activity. For example, the different raw materials have separate costs that are fixed for that particular material, but the production cost will change that sets the variable cost.

In other words, fixed costs are related to those costs that cannot be changed within given interval of time. In this phenomenon, it includes machine cost, labor cost and salary.

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