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When it comes to cost allocation, most students are dumbfounded while solving problems based on it. As accounting students, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the topic to proceed to solve problems based upon it. But often, this is not possible. The difficulty of the task combined with its homework requirements poses serious threats to the grades of the students. During such times, it becomes necessary to turn to us, at

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What is cost allocation?

In accounting, cost allocation comprises of the identification, assigning and aggregating costs to different cost objects, where the cost object is defined as an item that can measure costs separately. Some examples include department, products, customers, a project, etc.

The purpose of cost allocation is for the creation of financial reports and to distribute costs among departments or inventory evenly. It is also used to calculate profitability at the subsidiary level which can be further used for funding extra activities. Also, it is used to derive transfer prices between subsidiaries. Cost allocation homework answers can help to understand the purpose better.

Method of calculating cost allocation:

Cost allocation can be easily calculated.  However, there is a certain mechanism that has to be followed to ensure completion of the task. These include:

  • Accumulation of costs in different pools.
  • Identification of the right method for calculation of cost allocation.
  • Identification of costs to which the costs will be allocated.

Example of cost allocation:

With cost allocation assignment answers students can better understand the problems with illustrative examples. Let ABC be a company operating on the outskirts of Africa. Let it be an electrical power station where it allocates the cost of the power station to its six departments of operation which is based on the levels of electricity usage.

Importance of cost allocation

In accounting, this particular topic holds great importance. Only by understanding it, can the students proceed to solve problems based on it. Some of its importance includes:

  • It helps to make economic decisions like whether a special order should be accepted or not.
  • The process helps the management to evaluate and inspire the staff to be more productive.
  • It supports costs reported to customers when making bids.
  • It is included in financial reports that determines the overall financial health of a company in front of potential investors.

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