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The process of analyzing costs, recording and tracking which is associated with an organization’s products and activities. You can get a clear understanding of this concept by going through cost accounting standards homework help from our site.

How is cost measured in modern accounting?

  • Costs in modern days are measured according to the GAAP or generally accepted accounting principles.
  • It tends to report records of different historical events
  • It also assigns some price or monetary value to each and every event that takes place
  • Costs are generally measured by convention units of currency
  • Managers like to use the cost accounting methods to make all the final decisions that further helps to reduce the cost of company
  • As a result the profit factor increases for a company

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There are about four approaches for cost accounting. They are as follows:

  • Marginal costing
  • Activity based costing
  • Throughput accounting
  • Standard cost accounting

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Want to know about the origins of this cost accounting?

  • Cost accounting has been used for long by the managers to understand the total cost needed to run a business.
  • This modern cost accounting concept has originated during the times of industrial revolution.
  • While running a complex large scale business, led to the development of different systems for tracking and recording of costs
  • This in turn will help the managers and business owners to take wise decisions.
  • During the early industrial times, the cost incurred by the business were called variable cost by the modern age industrialists, as the cost of product was directly proportional to the amount of production.
  • The money was spent mostly on power, raw materials, labor etc.
  • The variable costs were just summed up by the managers and this rough guide was used for making final decisions.

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