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Can corporate managers influence the cost of capital?

From a company’s point of view the cost of capital is the cost of the funds that it has raised which comprises of debt and equity. And from an investor’s point of view it is the minimum rate of return that he expects from the securities in which he has invested money. Thus when the company has to pay interests and dividends then it is the cost of acquiring capital to the company and for investors it is the return for their investments.

Many times the question arises that whether corporate managers can influence the cost of capital. The answer to this query is that they can but only to a certain extent. When you will get corporate managers influence of capital homework help then all your doubts will come to an end.

Corporate managers influence of capital – main highlights

Cost of capital is affected by many reasons. Some situations are within the control of corporate managers and some are not. The situations which are not in the control of corporate managers are like the current rate of taxes in the economy, the current economic conditions etc and if the cost of capital gets affected by these reasons then corporate managers can’t influence it.

However there are some ways by using which the corporate managers may influence the cost of capital like changing the capital structure of the company, bringing a transformation in the decisions like interest payments, dividend policies, etc., by getting the fund through new sources, and many other methods. For a comprehensive insight on this topic get corporate managers influence of capital assignment help as early as possible.

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