When working on international projects or on foreign grounds, manager does adopt few measures for better coordination and success in business. There are scenarios that those approaches may stand to be more of a hindrance than being a beneficial point. At one side they think about the approach from the point of view local situations. It may be like what local actions to take so that diversity can be encouraged.

The other aspect that they need to consider is by taking global thinking on their minds. To enhance business on a global level, managers require coordinating with independent units. In the year 1989, 3 conventional approaches were elucidated by Goshal and Bartlett. Those approaches were related to parent company coordination amongst countries like Europe, American, and Japan.

European socialization

Coordination in various European countries is best expressed as socialisation where only trusted individuals having higher skills were accepted for HR roles. The selection process remains extremely critical, focusing more on their understanding level and their quick adapting quality on accepting methodologies and objectives of the company.

There are 2 aspects related to personal development.

  1. Mutual understanding among every employee
  2. Close working relationships

After the grooming process is complete, these decision makers are bestowed with powers to control and administer subsidiaries. An efficient supervision means providing strength to both subsidiaries and headquarters.

Coordination 24

American formalization

Formalization is what the approach by American is being called. It is on the formal systematic you will find the power is being vested. They do not believe in giving the complete power to managers or headquarters.As per them, a correct system is efficient enough to manage standard and policies and operate the business well. With the phase of fast development,there were certain American companies who adopted the control system to survive the brunt given by huge corporations and businesses.

In order to control and operate the units efficiently on oversea, they took the initiative to use the system based on extensive computerised information. They felt that this process can be a better approach than the overseas postings taking place between managers.

Japanese centralization

A stronger group for headquarter and its retention is mainly used as an approach by Japanese. In case of overseas subsidiaries, they not only intervene on a regular basis but also makes sure that every decision, be it a major or minor one, is taken by them.This approach is mainly prevalent because they find it difficult to handle the operations with foreigners.

Coordination 25

Only when the company headquarters are specifically in these3 countries, these approaches can be applied, and result can be enjoyed. Diversity with subsidiaries in accordance to various countries can mature completely as the requirement of different sophisticated methods increases. It is to be considered that organisations required to be seen as a global element and not just international.

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