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An introduction to financial tools such as bonds and debts can be quiet confusing for a student to understand. You need to know the minute differences between them. Similarly, convertible bonds are different from regular bonds to some extent. Convertible bonds are those bonds which allow the holder to exchange them with any predetermined numbers of shares within the same issuing company. As these bonds can be changed into stock, they have less interest rate. Apart from them, in the beginning, they are similar to any other corporate bonds.

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Common features of convertible bonds

For a convertible bonds assignment help, you first need to know its basic features. Following are the features:

  • These bonds have coupon payment option.
  • It gives the right to the holders for exchange. The holder can exchange them for any other stock of the company.
  • The share price affects the convertible bonds to some extent.

The features of convertible bond state that they are quite beneficial for the holder. The holder will receive a fixed amount of interest irrespective of the company status unless the bond is converted. Also, the voting control is in the hands of the holders which is an added advantage.

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