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Not just basic math manuals – we deal with interdisciplinary subjects as continuum as well -which is a branch of mechanics with a framework of mathematics.

Also, given for a fact that – continuum is based on a compact element with dual elements immersed within it. There fore understanding of placement of these numbers is of highest importance. In our span of being in this academic domain, we have analysed these concepts and based on that, details have been included in our notes and live chat service.

Continuum – The various means to define this concept

Continuum brings forth a meaning that is interdisciplinary in nature. As a branch of mechanics, it deals with analysing kinematics and mechanical behaviour of those materials which have been framed according to this prospect. It is taken on a large scale and mass basis rather than merely discrete particles with individual identity.

When this theory is understood in mathematical terminology, it is taken as a set of elements which has an additional third element in its domain. When you seek continuum homework answers, we provide you this interdisciplinary approach that helps to deal with multiple domains, and can be applied at various domains.

Its theories and applications

At a general level – there are two basic laws that students need to understand in detail. The balance laws deal with concept of rate of change in quantity. This again follows 3 laws –

  • There is a source of physical quantity
  • That physical quantity flows through a specific surface
  • Within volume of the external cover as well there is a source of this physical quantity

Associated with these 3 principle points is another law which helps in framing of an equation – Clausius – Duhem inequality point. In case of those materials which are a combination of elastic and plastic materials, this inequality specifically works for expressing law of thermodynamics.

With our services as – continuum homework answers, you will get to analyse those laws and apply them in areas as – various categories of engineering and studies of mechanics.

What makes the ultimate problem solver?

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