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The idea is about signals and time. Basically, continuous signal and discrete signal classify the electronic signals along time in the horizontal axis. Continuous signal is defined over the domain, time, which is an uncountable set.

However, discrete signal is considered countable as it has a series of quantities like natural numbers. Its domain is integers. This signal might have acquired from continuous-time signal sampling.

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Origins of discrete signals:

There can be many different origins of discrete time signals. Two basic classifications have been mentioned here:

  1. By sampling

In this process the values of analog signal are obtained at either constant or variable rate.

  1. By observing

Another origin of this signal can be from monitoring discrete time process. For example, the peak value of specific indicator per week.

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Know two other important terms:

Continuous and Discrete time.

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Continuous time:

In continuous time signal, the variables have certain value for potentiality, an infinitesimally short quantity of time.That is, there are infinite points of times existing between two numbers of times.

Discrete time:

Unlike the previous one,it views the rate of variables as different,occurring at distinct points in time.There is afinite number of measurements between any two points of time.

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