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What do you mean by contingency theory?

Before explaining contingency theory it is very important to know that each and every organization works with a definite plan and if something goes wrong in their operations then they usually shift towards another plan.

Now coming back to contingency theory, it states that it is an organizational theory which claims that there is no best way to categorize a business to lead an organization or to make effective decisions. It can be also said that decisions are mostly based on leaders and thus contingent leader effectively applies their ownstyle of leadership to the right situation. Learners can get effective contingency theory assignment help from us.

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Contingency model of Fred Fiedler’s

This model shows the association between governance style and the favourableness of the situation. It has been described by Fiedler in three dimensions, and they are:

  • Leader-member association – This is the basic level of both confidence and trust which is considered as the base of any team
  • Power of leader’s position – This implies to ample power given to the leader to control the team
  • Degree of task structure – It refers to the kind of task the leaden and the team has been assigned with.

Application of Fiedler contingency model

There are certain steps in order to apply the model and they are mentioned below:

  • Recognising the style of leadership
  • Evaluate the position or situation
  • Finally, examine the most efficient leadership style

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