Consumer Behavior Homework Answers

Consumer Behavior Assignment Answers

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Consumer behavior means the different actions and reactions along with emotional behavior o a consumer. The study of consumer behavior is not quite simple and need depth knowledge. Experts can easily understand knowledge of students by providing homework to them. Now, one must know that how to write well and solve all problems of homework. Sometimes, students feel difficulties and to get rid of those problems, one can easily apply for Consumer Behavior homework answers from us.

Explain the term Consumer behavior

In management study the topic consumer behavior is analyzing of consumers and they can be groups, individuals, or any organization. This study is related with the purchasing, using and also for disposal of products or services or both. It is important to know about the behavior of consumer’s responses as –

  • Emotional response
  • Behavioral response
  • Mental response

Now, these are important in practical way and homework related to this fundamental part is really very important for one. However, doubt may be there and to recover that condition, one can easily select our services of Consumer Behavior homework answers any time.

Factors related with purchasing

Consumer behavior is directly associated with purchasing and this part is associated with some important factors which are influences.

These factors are related with decision of purchasing as–

  • Internal influence
  • Extertenal influence

What are the various types of internal influence related with purchasing decision?

These are –

  • Emotions and motivations
  • Perception
  • Prior experience

When it is just about motivations, then you will get that there are two different types as positive and negative. A person may select a brand of clothing because he relies on it or select a particular ice-cream for his children because of its taste. These are examples of positive motivations.

What are different types of external influence?

These are –

  • Culture
  • Sub culture
  • Social class
  • Reference group

A consumer can be an individual or groups and can be influenced by any impact of his purchase. Now, when you get assignments you must have a proper grip over this. To know more accurately, you can select Consumer Behavior assignment answers.

How a consumer response or decide things?

There are certain factors and the decisions are based on these as –

  • Quality
  • Brand
  • Price
  • Fashion or novelty
  • Recreation
  • impulsive
  • Confused
  • Habitual

These are depends on the choices and knowledge of people.

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