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Clarifying prudence concept

Conservation or prudence in accounting conventions assignment help will make you aware of its meaning. The prudence concept is also known as conservatism principles and it is related to accounting where accountant has to record expenses and liabilities whenever it happens. Revenues are only when they are realized or assured. In case of prudence concept accountants need to be cautious while adopting policies and estimations in any way. The entity’s income and assets should not be overstated and expenses as well as liabilities are not understated.

Fundamental principles of Prudence in accounting:

  • It is applicable even in handling profit and losses. In case of profit it cannot be reported unless it turns out to be realized. Conservation or prudence in accounting conventions assignment help will make you understand the concept with example. Think that in case business purchases assets. Overnight, assets can surely value soars and the business can sell its assets now and certainly this would lead to profit.
  • The concept can also conflict with fundamental concept which would include accruals basis of accounting. Accruals would help to identify transactions that may not have been completed such as prepaid expenses, hire purchase sale etc.

Prudence can surely create a sound platform for accounting. There is no excuse for organization that can easily withhold any revenue or can create hidden reserves. This may conflict with principle of Fair Presentation.

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